Here is what you need to do

General information & steps for requesting an inspection for your pet:

This portion of our website is for requesting an inspection for your pet about 1-1/2 to 6 months before you travel to Kailua Kona, Hawaii.
You will need to confirm that you have read the following before continuing. There is a lot, please take notes, and we will also send you this information in follow up correspondence.

Look tentatively at potential flights. Flights must be at least 30 days out so we can get our confirmation to The Animal Quarantine Branch 30 days in advance. This means we must have all your information and payment more than 30 days before the arrival. Do NOT book your flight until you have arranged that the inspector can meet you and your pet when you arrive on the tentative flight, which can be done through this website. The Animal Quarantine Branch requires our confirmation 30 days before the arrival. Anything less than 30 days may be rejected by their office.

If you have a layover on Oahu, Kauai, or Maui you must have your pet inspected at the airport on that island.

The State of Hawaii Animal Industry Division requires the following and you are confirming the below to be true:

  1. Pet must have 2 rabies vaccines in their lifetime. These cannot be closer than 31 days apart. The most recent rabies vaccine must be current.
  2. Pet must have a microchip. Make sure that is working and readable.
  3. FAVN rabies titer is a blood draw and the pet must have a high enough titer to enter Hawaii.

For more information and helpfull checklists, see our How It Works pages and the AQS Website


  • The pet can enter Hawaii 30 days after the KSU lab finalizes results for the rabies titer (FAVN).
  • Best to do the titer 1-6 months after a rabies vaccine to ensure titer will be high enough to pass.
  • A valid printed Neighbor Island Inspection Permit is needed to board the aircraft and must accompany the dog or cat on the aircraft. The NIIP shall be submitted to the Inspector upon arrival in Hawaii.